Right Click Menus. Which ones do you prefer, New or Old ?

Which Right Click Menus do you prefer ?

  • New Right Click Menus
  • Old Right Click Menus

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I personally work 70% slower now with new right click menu.
things like midi velocities, convert to original part etc were my go to right click menu options.
I 100% prefer the old right click menu

For me, the new right-click menu is a huge improvement. The contextual approach has added a new level of usefulness for this menu to me. Overall, I think C10 is fantastic.


New is cleaner and more efficient and organized. Get used to it and in the end you will probably work faster.

I’m considering right clicking now with the old one gone, only considering though. I clicked right once the other day, just to see… and I felt nominally better.

I bet you’d work %200 quicker if you learned hotkeys for all the functions you used in right-click menu.

not all functions in ex-right menu are available as hotkeys, like “convert to real part” or “midi velocity compress/expand”

I like new menu, but would be great to have option to customize it

+1 This would be an ideal solution :wink:


I’m on the fence on this issue as for a lot of functions I use shortcuts or macros. I did think the right click menu was bloated. However some of the functionality was useful. I guess that some form of customisation would be very useful. I do however, like the new context related setup in theory - it is cleaner.

I like the right click menus, its quite intuitive :slight_smile:

Although I have been using Cubase only a short while. But I agree ,that a customization option would be good

I am studying the hot keys at the minute,as part of my learning Cubase process,ha,ha :smiley:

The stripped down menu is clearly clearer but it seems there are some functions not shown now that I also can’t find in the top bar menus.

Haven’t been checking it out completely, stumbled over it while trying to ‘delete time’. Gone from the rightclick menu, nowhere found in the top bar menus. Quickly assigned a key command to the function (didn’t need one before, don’t use it regularly) but honestly if I hadn’t known the feature exists I would never have found it. :exclamation:

Every time I right click it does not give me what I need. So old or custom please!

Hi :slight_smile:
What I have found is that the menu changes according to where your mouse cursor is.So if I am in the mixer window (no channels)
,I will get a menu for that for example,if I am on the mixer channels another different one and so forth

Contextual menus,I heard their called.Think thats how it works.Have to have a look again,and go through the manual :wink:

I like the new more, but would love the option to customize.

I love the new right click menus plus I use tablets to trigger obscure commands so it’s perfect now…

I like the New right click menu!!

Why this constant need to work faster? Like everything has to be done NOW!!

Just chill, don’t worry about the right click menus. Lower the blood pressure and relax. Get a drink, take a walk, stroke the cat.

There - that’s better. Now make some music.

Maybe it’s me, Why in 2018, do you have to give up certain features in order to get new ones??? I understand with major changes (i.e. 32 bit to 64 bit)Why can’t you simply (I’m sure its not simple) add features to Preferences. Right click menu has been in Cubase forever…Simply give an option for the new or old one… Just don’t get it… :open_mouth:

Because some of us do music professionally, where time is money