Right click on recorded audio event.

Hi I’m a relative nubee so excuse my jargon.

Having used Cubase 5 for around 6 months on and off I had a problem with my PC. I managed to get it all sorted out but when re-entering Cubase I was asked to register my license. (Which I had done 6 months ago) I decided to do the “go back in time” option and this seemed to work.
The problem now is that when I record some audio and the want to edit it, I used to right click on the passage and the editing option list would appear but now the pointing bar appears ie glue, select, slice etc.

I can select these editing options i need from the Audio menu at the top but would prefer the right click option.

Can anyone help ?

Find the Prefs Pop Up Toolbox on Right Click and un-check it. It’s in Editing, IIRC.

Got it ! Thanks Mashedmitten !