Right Click "Play Selection"

Dear Support,

WL8 is great - but ive lost an important feature. In previous versions I could select a section of a sound waveform and right click “play selection”. This is useful for using Izotope “Learn” feature, where you playback exactly what you have selected on the screen.

In WL8 this option has disappeared from the right click menu.

  1. Why was it removed?

  2. Is there a quick way to playback a selection of a waveform without any hassle ?


Just press F6

Hi Philippe,

F6 just plays from the start of the file. What is the keyboard assignment function so I can assign a new value?


In the transport bar, check the selection button. Now F6 should play the selection.
Also, from the transport preset button, see the various shortcuts.
I dont have wavelab with me now, so I tell this from memory.

Thanks for your help - but I cannot get it to work.

Can you please provide a screenshot!


I wont be able to do this before a few days (out of office)

Select ‘Show alternate play buttons’ in the transport bar. Make sure ‘time selection’ is active. Press F6 or click on the play range button to play the currently selected range. See screenshot.
play selection.jpg

Is there a way to set it up like in older WL version where SPACE plays back a selection?

I guess not …

See these WaveLab 8 shortcuts:


Great! Just what I needed!