Right Click Pop Up Bar resizing is broken since 9.5

See the giff, it’s obvious and very clear resizing the right click pop up bar speeds up workflow. This has been broken in Cubase since version 10 came out and needs to be fixed.

(obviously I know events can be colourised all in one, this is to demonstrate how sluggish having one size now is)

(This giff shows how the one sized pop up bar goes off the screen and make editing events on the far right of the screen SUPER ANNOYING in Cubase now)


This is known and already reported (many times) issue. Thank you.

Hi Martin,

Can you tell us if it’s going to be fixed as I and I’m sure many others are still not convinced to update or just stay with 9.5 or earlier because of the many regressions and omissions like this one?

Many thanks


Sorry, I don’t know, if this is going to be fixed.

I don’t think, this is a major issue preventing from an update.

It is for me Martin, I bet if you contacted all your users on previous version they’d say the same about the small regressions like this one.

I’m just being honest, every single time I have pressed the right click button to access the new pop up bar I have shaken my head in annoyance. It clearly as you can see in the giff takes longer to find the desired tool.

Two things and two thing alone still have me using the Cubase 11 trial, the scale functions in the midi editor and supervision for seeing kick drum waveforms. Again just giving honest feedback, everything else I’d happily pass on to keep the faster workflow in 9.5 :man_shrugging:

Hi Martin,

Please don’t take this question as anything other than a simple question from a loyal 20+ year Cubase user.

I just wanted to ask if this has been reported so many times as you said, why no official response on it has been made and why it still hasn’t been put back to give the user the option to resize it to fit their own workflow, like it has been for roughly 20 years or so?

I remember when SX came out the same thing was done, the community made their feelings known and it was changed back in the next update. I just don’t understand why the lesson from this previous occurrence didn’t deter the devs from doing this to us, again :unamused:


I don’t know the answer to your questions, sorry. I can’t speak for the people, how make official Steinberg responses and I can’t speak for the people, ho prioritise the tasks in the teams.