"Right Click" tools menu....can I customize it?

I dont know what happened but I was holding down right-click and the tools menu was changing shape! I cant repeat it now though…

But in addition to that, can I move the icons around or remove some? I only really use the selector, scissors, and lane selector, and kinda wanna just ditch the rest.


Ah yes, I think that requires a long right mousebutton press. If you keep it pressed you can resize the tool menu. I could be wrong but that’s what my memory tells me.

As for customizing it, that would be cool but I don’t think so.

Yeah a long press will let u resize…u were right! It seems u need to keep the mouse cursor still the entire time too–for about 2-3 seconds.

But yeah…I wish we could remove some of the tools/icons from it for better workflow.