Right-click tools popup menu animation delay


I have noticed that we have once again been slowed down in our workflow…

This time it is the rightclick tools menu…

You see, in the past, one could right-click on tools in the menu while holding the left mouse button for more tools.

This has been somewhat crippled for speed now as one has to wait for some kind of loading animation to pass before the menu pops out again…

Can you please have the toolbox instantly display the other tools without waiting and animations?

Thank you.

just a little “nudge” since this post needed a couple of days to be authorized and visible;)

I must add a +8 to this…

In the past, I have been able to use my mouse pointer tool to switch from:

“normal sizing”
“Sizing Moves Contents”
“Sizing Applies Time Stretch”

in microseconds… - (Using the “hold rightclick and press leftclick” on mouse)

I could restretch the audio/midi events in seconds and switch back all while using one hand…

  • Now there is a “load time” which is just adding another unnecessary time-consuming obstacle that was thrown into a super efficient/tried and tested workflow…

It is like a hick-up that puts unnecesary resistance in workflow.

Not only does this " delay" now happen, - after one selects the tools, one has to click somewhere in empty space to get rid of the tools menu again… again, an extra click which wasn’t there before…

So, what happened exactly? - We had a perfect tool that has now been significantly slowed down and has extra clicks added. This is cleary counter-productive.

A task that took me 5-6 seconds now takes me 19-20 seconds… thats nearly 4 times as long as it was before. (calculate that over a life-time)

Can we please revert to “professional settings”? =) pleaseplease?


I have no idea why there is that animation whose purpose mystifies me, but if you double-click then hold you get the menu without delay.

Thanks Steve and please elaborate…

I doubleclicked left, right and center buttons and did not get the “pointer menu”…

Sorry, I missed that you were talking about the right-click menu. But I found that if you hold ctrl you bypass the animation.

But, this defeats the purpose of the having a menu you can raise with a click– and forces you back to the keyboard. One presumes that if you use right-click to access the menu it’s because you don’t want to move to the alpha keyboard. Correct?

no worries=)

You are correct. For this function I would like to solely rely on one hand and speedy execution… - as it was…

-> Yes, right again. when one holds the ctrl key, the animation/delay is bypassed and it works just as fast as it used to… nice find=)

  • This “ctrl-click” procedure now costs two hands and utilizes two HIDs instead of one hand and one HID like before though…

Best solution: I hope that the newly added “animation delay” for the pointer tools menu can be bypassed for “smoother sailing”:wink:

Cheers n thanks =)

Ah yes, the right-click toolbox … could someone in Steinberg please explain what was broken about it that they felt needed fixing? It really does seem at times that a batch of trainee developers were let loose and went “oh look, I found this old code that nobody’s touched for years, I bet I can practice on this and make it all modern!

Instant access to the resizable toolbox is one of the things that made Cubase great since the Atari days!

please reverse to 9.5 behaviour. Noone was asking for animations, additional modifier key strokes and waiting time!

Most important for me: bring back the toolbox in the top line of the right click context menu. One click and EVERYTHING was there!

Well it needed to be recoded for High DPI support, to change the behavior was not needed.
Change is good, if done right. I hope the next few updates will iron out some of these irritations.

Solved: Some programmer’s kid is messing up with Cubase code, they are trying to trick him into playing minecraft and avoid him from making changes again.