Right hand browser setting

I only ever wish to preview audio in the right hand browser. Is there a way to lock that preference to only show Audio? As of now I’m constantly having to reset my selection whenever I return to audition audio loops.

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Here the last used filter is recalled the next time I visit the list.

Thank you Steve but you misunderstand my question.

I wish to not have to re select AUDIO to filter only AUDIO results.

Sorry, I edited while you posted

Ah yes you are correct.

I see now that my issue is that sometimes I like to search through multiple loops folders so I have been going to the HOME buttion and searching for example “fills” and thats when it resets its settiing.
Hmmm maybe I need to restructure all my Loop folders into one folder?

Why do hit the home button? Just use the file browser.

Because I’d like to search in both my Favourites folder and the Cubase Loops and Samples folder at the same time.
Any recommendations how I can restructure to be able to search all loop folders at the same time?

Please, I know suggesting reading the manual is considered rude by some people, but it really does help to understand the scope and use of the Media Rack.

As I said, use the file browser.


also of interest:


Thanks Steve. Cheers

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