Right/Left click confusion-hover functions delayed

Loving CB7 as well as the Mac OS upgrade to 10.8. I jumped to both of these at the same time recently. The only strange things I’ve noticed since doing so are possibly OS related since I’ve not had these issues before in CB. Would love some insights. First, occasionally and totally randomly, my right and left click functions will reverse. I’ll LEFT-click anywhere in a project and the RIGHT menu will come up. The only way to continue is to press option/right-click to get the right-click menu to show up. Then it will just suddenly go back to normal again after 10-15 seconds. Sometimes if I wait it will return by itself to normal R/L without doing anything. Very annoying when I’m working fast. It’s not a mouse prob as I’ve tried several wired and wireless.
Second, I’ll hover over the bottom corner of an audio or midi part after clicking on it and it does not change to the little square. This also happens on the ruler line when I want to grab the marker range and drag it over, or just want to click to create new left/right markers. The little hand or pencil does not show up right away. I shot a short example video of this-see link below.
Wondering if anyone else has the same issues?


Safe Mode?

Have only heard of a Safe Mode, but have never consciously used it or even searched for it. Is that a default setting? I don’t see anything in the manual…

On a mac?

I’ve seen Safe Mode referenced in other posts. Something about opening a project with certain functions disabled-for whatever reason. I don’t think this is an option on a Mac however. Just wondered if anyone else has has squirrely issues like this or if it’s unique only to my set up. Like I said, I believe this is OS10.8.x related and not Cubase. Just don’t know what function or code is getting confused to know how to troubleshoot.

PC and Mac

More info on Safe Mode would be really helpful. Unless this feature starts by default (without me initiating it) I’m not sure how this would be the reason for the intermittent problems.

I would have typed the term into forum search long before now.

Safe Mode = Blowing away prefs on CB start up. Not sure that’s the answer here. Looking for anyone with a similar experience/solution.

Can’t believe the number of people not willing to make the slightest effort to solve their problems. They deserve to have them, IMHO. :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

Do you see any other posts with your specific issue? What does that tell you? :bulb: :bulb: :bulb:

Yeah, got it. Anyone else? If not, totally cool. Peace all 'til next time…

Sorry, but the whole reason safe mode was introduced is because it’s a non-destructive method of trouble-shooting one off issues. Your refusal to try it is not to be believed.