right mouse click tool ar not displaying everything.

in Cubase 9.5 if I mouse right clicked my pointer would open up its tools and also give me loads of other editing options ive been using Cubase like this for many many years and its how I work fastest…but in Cubase 10 its just showing the small bar with a couple of tools nothing else ive clicked on preferances and ticked the tool option but still nothing has that been taken out of Cubase 10?

Came here to look for the same answer.

They have changed the right+click menu to make it context sensitive. So the menu items you see depends on what you are clicking on. If you right-click on an Audio part it will not display menu items that you can’t use with audio. The idea is that having menus only show items that you can use right now will make it faster to use once you get used to it. That’s the idea at least.

I understand it being context sensitive but I use it mostly to cut or insert time in range mode. There are no range options at all now.

Still downloading, but instead of excited, getting more and more anxious. Global Copy, Paste Time are my main uses for the context menu/ right clicking. This can’t be right.

Only work around is to learn the keyboard shortcuts.

You might consider making new feature request to have the range stuff restored and why that is important for your workflow.

If you use this capability during a specific phase of a project (as opposed to throughout the project’s life) it might make sense to do that work in 9.5. Both 9.5 & 10 should open each other’s projects fine.

thanks raino.yep your right you need to hold ctrl on your keyboard while you right click a part if its audio you only get audio options.it makes sense but for years I was doing it the other way…hope they put a option in the prefereances so we can choose because its slowing me down because id got used to doing it another way.

If you right click you’ll see only a few basic options. When you however left click immediately after right click you’ll be given more options. Tools that have those options will have a small dent at the bottom of the icon.