Right pane samples keep creating duplicates

Everytime I use a certain audio sample shown in right pane of Cubase, the audio sample I selected always creates its copy file whatever I do. By this behavior I have a lot, like A LOT of same audio files everywhere (e.g. Doom Kick Doom Kick Doom Kick Doom Kick …).

I know some of them appear because I rendered in place in the other projects before and have the same name, but the core problem I don’t understand is that the duplicates are created when I just use them as sample track! I don’t like this and I want to know how to fix this bug!

From what I know, this didn’t occur until around the end of last year or so, and it happened to me all of a sudden. And this problem makes it very difficult to search for my ideal samples from those unwanted audio files.

What I usually do with those audio samples are : create sample track or swapping and dropping another alternative samples in the sampler or directly dropping in a project as audio material. Strangely when I press F5 and open MediaBay and use samples from there, the problem doesn’t happen. Some might say “Use MediaBay then” but I want to be able to use samples from right pane for convenience.

In instance of this screenshot, there are at least more than 10 same audio files of “toofargone kick 2”. Imagine this kind of duplicates are everywhere.

Please let me know how to fix this. Thx!


The only idea I have is… Your MediaBay scans also your projects folder. Once you import any audio file, you let Cubase to copy the audio file to the project’s folder (what is the default settings). So the file becomes copied to the Cubase Projects/MyProject/Audio/ folder. As it is subfolder of the Cubase Projects folder, which is (most probably) scanned by MediaBay the new file appears in the MediaBay.

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I am with Martin on this one.
The solution is to remove your Cubase project folder from Media Bay. On my system I have a folder housing all Cubase project called “Cubase Songs”. I’d untick it from the file browser (left hand side) of Media Bay.

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Hi Martin,

Yes, indeed you were right and I unchecked my main drive document folder where some of my Cubase files are stored and those duplicates are now rarely seen.

Thank you for the support!

Hi Johnny,

Martin and you were correct on this! Now the problem is solved.
Thank you so much!