Right panel possible bug

I have Macbook Pro 13, Intel i5, Mac OS Catalina.
When i open right panel it opens quite strange. I cant open it fully, Full Screen also don’t help. It would be great to fix it.

… does it happen all of the time? Can you give us more hints, please, how we can reproduce it?

Thank you,

cannot reproduce it on OSX Big Sur, would be nice to have steps to reproduce it.

It happen every time. I just start Vst Live - new project - open right panel and that’s it.
I already mentioned, i am using Macbook Pro 13-inch display Intel i5, Mac OS Catalina.

maybe something related with os catalina then? idk, here i don´t see that on big sur

… what is your display resolution?

i have two monitors, a LG TV and a LG 22´´monitor, both at 1920 x 1080.

Dispaly 1280 x 800

… excellent. That looks good and so the main VL shows fine for you. But what about Stanislav?


… that’s the problem. The minimum size is 1400 x 900. See here
… but if the display resolution is too small it should not look like your one.


Ok, got it!

Thank you for the info!
On the other side Cubase 12 works without such issues.

… really? Try to open the Sampler Track. It should be visible in the lower zone. Open the left zone with the inspector and the right zone with the Media Bay. Then you will see the the Sampler Track UI is cut off on the left and right side.

Let us see what we can do for VL,

Update : We’ll found a way for tweak it to 1280. We’ll add it to the next update

I have The PorscheDesign BookOne with 3000x 1800 Pixel and the same Problems

Thanks, now it works!