Right Side MediaBay Double-clicks won't work. 3-5 click do work. Any solution?

Hey all,

I’ve updated recently to the latest 10.0.15 version. I noticed that my right hand side MediaBay window doesn’t responed properly when trying to enter folders with a double mouse click. It used to be all fine, nothing changed as far as my mouse/setup except the software. I now have to click 3-5 times on each folder that I’d like to enter. Randomly two click do work. Double clicks in all other programs work perfectly.

Has anyone else experienced this issue, and if so - what shall I do in order to fix it? Would love a bit of help on that one.



Just downgraded from 10.0.15 to 10.0.10 and I can confirm that the issue is now gone and double clicks work well in version 10.0.10. Something with the new update causes problems with it, so hopefully Steinberg can look into it. For now I’ll have to stick to this older version.


Yes, same problem here. Super annoying and kills all the workflow completely.

Will try going back to 10.0.10.


Same issue here. Hope Steiny fix it soon.

Yepp, Steiny fixed it for the 10.0.20 update.

whennnnn will it be releaaaaaased save us all