Right side panel won't open in Engrave mode

I have a similar question to the following one, but that question doesn’t quite help me in this case.

My question is… When I’m in Engrave mode and I hit ⌘9 to open the right zone, it doesn’t open. The arrow changes direction each time I hit ⌘9, but there’s no panel that actually expands out. If I click on the right bar to expand the zone, nothing happens at all.

Maybe I’m missing something and this is actually something simple but I’d appreciate some help to get this right zone to open. Thanks!

Perhaps you have inadvertently modified your key commands (or corrupted somehow). Command 9 works as expected on my MAC.
If so, reset to factory may be advised. Someone that knows more about these things than I do will pipe in, I’m sure.

I recall ctrl-0 was prone to causing “unexpected behavior” from a user point-of-view (and I never use it…)
You could try that shortcut once and ctrl-9 again.

I think this is not the case because when I use command-9 I can see the arrow for the right zone changes direction from inward to outward and back if I hit it repeatedly. It’s just that nothing actually expands out when I do that.

I’ve tried using command-0 and then command-9 but there’s no change in the behavior.

Do you have Dorico Pro or Dorico Elements? There’s no right panel in Dorico Elements; the right (Pages) panel is only available in Dorico Pro.

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Oh no I didn’t realize that! That solves it.
Well my apologies for having you all look into this.

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The moving arrow to the right aims to be a teaser for the Pro version (-;

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