Right Tab Stop not rendering correctly?

I’m not sure what’s amiss here, as “century” is forced to the next line. Sometimes this works correctly, but sometimes it gives me this.

My page is 432 pts wide with 30 pt margins on either side. Adding this to the dimensions of the frame, shouldn’t the right tab stop be at 352 points?

In this case, I have to reduce it to something like 351.8 points for it to display correctly. It sounds like it’s some sort of rounding thing. I just want to make sure I understand exactly how these frames should behave, because I’m about to do a ton of them…

What about setting the right margin of the frame to something less than 10 points, like zero? The frame would no longer be symmetrical, but this would ensure that the right tab stop is rendered correctly, and people who view the printed page will never see the boundaries of the frame anyway.

I agree it’s probably a rounding issue. Decreasing the right margin a few points should compensate for this. If nothing is right justified, this should have no negative side effects.

I suppose I could set the frame to align to the page margin, and set the left tab stop as well.

It was more of a curiosity than anything, although I do want to make sure it’s set correctly before I do the next 550 of these!

My tendency is to use three frames here, a left, a right, and a center, overlapping but not entirely (so I can select whichever I want). So long as neither of the side strings is so long as to overlap the center string, I am okay.

Way more work though, and if you’re doing it a ton, easier to set the dimensions for just one frame. Tab stops are really quite handy, when they behave.

I have it set up as a Template (Master Page, to be perfectly un-woke) populated with tokens, so it isn’t something I think about much. I am less trustful of tabs in these fields than you, I guess…