Right zone browser "Back" behavior

In my “Favorites” folders, when I hit Back now it doesn’t go to the folder right before it, but rather the top parent folder. Can anyone please confirm?


Could you be more specific, please?

My use case:

  • Have a folder This Computer/Music/Cubase Project.
  • Add this folder to the Favorites.
  • Click to the Favorites in the MEdiaBay Rack.
    -> Content of the This Computer/Music/Cubase Project folder appears.
  • Click Back.
    => Favorites folder appears.

Would you expect to go to the This Computer/Music/ folder in this case? Or did I get you wrong?

Thanks for your reply Martin.

No, what you described wasn’t quite my problem though it’s very close. In your example, if I:

  • Save This Computer to Favorites
  • Access This Computer/Music/Cubase Project from the Favorites folder
  • I would expect that when I hit back, I would go to This Computer/Music/, instead of straight back to the Favorites folder

Does that make sense? I’ll try to attach a video if it doesn’t.


I think we are talking about the same… My result (and the result in Cubase) is:
=> Favorites folder appears.

Your expected result is:
=> This Computer/Music/ folder appears.

I’m afraid, MediaBay goes really back (same as internet browser, for example, or file browser), it doesn’t one folder up. The same result is, if you jump to any folder in the file browser from a shortcut. When you go back after, you don’t get to the parent folder, you get back to the source, where did you come from, where the shortcut is. Cubase behaves the very same way.

On the top of the MediaBay Rack, you can even see the path: Favorites > Cubase Projects. So once you go back, you get back to the Favourites.

Hi Martin. It took me a while to navigate the new forum so I couldn’t get back to you earlier.

I understand what you said but no that wasn’t my problem. It’s hard to explain this in text to I’ve recorded a video to demonstrate. I think I’ve found the cause of problem, which is when you rename a Favorite folder, you lose the ability to go “Back” if you have sub-folders inside that Favorite folder. As soon as I rename it to the original name, “Back” works as expected.

Please watch the video and let me know if you could reproduce it: https://youtu.be/79dCdMBmxlQ


Finally I was able to reproduce it. Reported to Steinberg.

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Fantastic! Thank you!