Right zone media tab search behaviour: "reset search" also resets media type filter

In the right zone media tab, when typing in a text to search for samples or so, the (x) is enabled for quickly resetting the text input. However, when I click on it, it also resets the media type filter which is annoying and not intuitive IMHO. It should only reset the text search filter.


This doesn’t happen in the media bay opened via F5 since the text input box does not have the (x) to only reset the search text input there.

Not sure whether it’s a bug or not but if it’s intended then I would love to have a preference setting for the “reset search” to not reset the media type filter at the same time.

Currently using C11 but it also behaved like this in C10.


This behaviour is not a bug. It resets everything by design. You can still select the text and delete it, same as you can do in the MediaBay window.

Myself, I would consider a bug following:

  • MediaBay vs MediaBay Rack inconsistency. I would expect the Reset Search button is available in both views.

Ok, I understand. It makes sense because the same search box is used for all sub-sections in the right zone media tab. To me it just gets a bit unintuitive since I use it mostly to quickly search for loops&samples and the (x) is only enabled when I type in some text but not when I only use the attribute filter below.

I agree with the MediaBay vs MediaBay Rack inconsistency. The normal MediaBay seems to have 2 of the [<<] buttons though. The upper on resets only text search, media types and ratings, the other one below resets attribute and logical filter.


The MediaBay Rack also has the Reset Attribute Filter button.