Right Zone Request...

would love to see

POOL and Marker Window

in the right zone.

thank you!


Yes POOOOOL!!! Why wasn’t that an option right from the start when the right zone was introduced???


Good idea!

Yes, but the Pool is far to wide to fit in the Right Zone… but it would fit nice in the Lower Zone.

(The pool could also benefit from a GUI overhaul by the way.)

Edit: the pool would fit in the Right Zone in a compressed form, as discussed below.

Yes the pool seems likes an relic of times long past…
Still it is a very important part of cubase to manage your audio-files

Having the Pool in Lower Zone is not a good idea in my optinion…
The pool should always be visible - as well as the mediabay and the file browser (drag/drop audio files, searching for plugins, e.g. etc.)
In the lower zone are the editors, which always change depending on event type.

The pool has lots of extra information, and that can take a lot of space that’s right,
but: in most cases it would be sufficient to see the audio files associated with the project at first glance.

That’s another reason why I have the pool in the > Right Zone.
Just like other DAWs have (Logic, etc.)


I also made a windows-preset, where the main window is resized to fit the pool window right next to it, so I’m kinda simulating the right zone already. However a real right-zone would be awesome.

@Starsprinkler: The right zone is resizeable so it could grow a bit to fit all the pool data…

Yes, I agree that the Right zone is a better placement if possible. It would be possible to fit the pool in if they make a kind of compressed version of it.It could basically be the Audio file names + a few more short fields (e.g. Used, Status, Mode, Tempo, Key would fit).

Then it could also be made expandable to show 2 or 3 rows of information for each file to give more complete info if wanted. If so, the expansion should be possible for all items or for just one item. Maybe some fields (e.g. path) could be in a tooltip.

@Codex: I know it’s resizable but just to a certain extent. Of course, they could widen the maximum width… but it cannot be super wide as it would cover the project window. But a bit wider, sure.