Rightside menu display problems

I’m having display issues in the rightside menus in Dorico Pro 2. The first item appears superimposed with other items. Have a look at the attachements.

Any solutions for this?

I’m using a Macbook pro late 2013, Itel Iris pro graphics. MacOS 10.13.4.

We see occasional reports of this, but as yet we have no idea how to reproduce the problem. I suspect that if you close and reopen the project, that problem will go away (which makes it very difficult to reproduce and therefore fix).

Yes. Reopening the project solves the problem. Thanks for the fast reply.

…Also, I’m using a second monitor Dell U2515H… might help…

I found that the problem manifests itself when you double click a file in Finder to open it (Dorico was not open and starts up after the double click). Apparently, the display issues do not happen if one opens Dorico and THEN opens the file (from Steinberg hub’s recent files, for instance).