Ringing snare problem

Hello, I have a ringing snare problem that I need to calm down. I can’t find a gate in AI 8. I also want to create a tail on rim shots. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!


Use EQ on your snare
Use reverb on your rim


right, AI 8 does not have an included gate.

Free solutions:
– Manual editing (using hit-points, detect silence or whatever works with the track)
– Use a free gate (ReaGate, GGate, Free87…)

Paid-for solutions:
– Update to Cubase Elements, this version includes the gate
– Buy a Gate plug-in or a bundle like ToneBoosters Track Essentials (good price/value, the gate is really nice)

Hope that helps.

Yep! +1

A gate will just cut the decay of the ring/snare… try this instead…
Use the channel strip by creating a bell curve with the narrowest Q setting, boost it as high as it will go if you need to, you will have to turn your channel gain down most likely, and slowly sweep it through the frequency range you think the ring is in… quite often around 800-900hz with a snare although not always, when you find it’s frequency centre it will likely start to ‘ring’ very obviously… adjust the Q ‘around’ the ringing frequencies and then cut to taste.

Thank you much!!