[RIO-9921] - Performance degradation ... fix confirmed?


In the above linked-to post, the moderator said:

…Make sure that “Steinberg Audio Power Scheme” is enabled in the VST Devices setup to resolve the issue.

Can someone confirm that doing that makes Performance no worse than, maybe better than, 7.5.40 please?

Since the “automation-causes-silence” bug has been fixed (I think?), the bug fixes for 8.5 might finally be at a point I’d look at upgrading.

Forgive me please for starting a new post instead of responding in the above linked-to post itself, but the moderator as usual thought it was the best thing to lock that one. Why do they do that???

On my PC turning it on CAUSES performance problems.

Since it’s not clear by reading this thread, I wanted to point out - Steve in Chicago (moderator), you posted a reply to mine in this thread, then deleted your post as well as a portion of mine, moving some of each to this post: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=132&t=95146&p=528121#p528121 .

That done … as you spent some time here, may I ask you please to give us an opinion/share your experience about what I queried regarding [RIO-9921]?

RE moving the posts- Please note that nothing was deleted from your post. You asked about a different subject (forum organization). So, I quoted the relevant portion from your post here, then created the new thread in the Forum Issues forum and responded there, rather than to continue OT here.

And, (back on topic :astonished: ) I can’t comment on the issue described in RIO-9921, as I did not experience it here.

Thanks for answering PeppaPig and Steve inChicago.

PeppaPig, I guess you’re saying you didn’t have the bug with your initial settings?

I read somewhere that it is a combination of certain kinds of usb-2 drives, and other factors, that trigger the buggy behaviour.

I’m looking to hear in this thread from people who had the bug, then applied the fix suggested by Steinberg in the linked-to thread in the OP. How did that work out for you?

Thanks -

^^ Just checking in … did anybody with performance problems (CPU, slow downs, memory leaks, etc.) in earlier versions of Cubase 8.5 find them fixed in Cubase 8.5.15 by applying the fix supplied by the mod:

Make sure that “Steinberg Audio Power Scheme” is enabled in the VST Devices setup to resolve the issue.


(from https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=231&t=70147 )

In my experience i would use the normal High Performance power scheme instead of Steinbergs Audio Power Scheme. On the same Project with the same buffersettings the Steinberg Powerscheme has roughly a 10% higher Asio Load than the normal High Performance scheme here on my maschine.


[RIO-9921] was a pretty specific VST Connect SE / Power Settings / ASIO Guard combination.
It should be fixed since 7.0.7.

[EDIT: I agree with Novik, by the way: better to set a High Performance power scheme and disable HD and USB sleep/suspend]