[RIO-9921]VST performance degradation from 7.5


It’s a new one: i’ve loaded a heavy Cubase 7.5 project, or loaded the same VSTs of the old projects into a fresh new Cubase 8 Pro project and it’s lagging and performance is much worse, base idle CPU load is higher actually and stutters a lot while on Cubase 7.5 it was much faster.

  1. Start cubase pro and later do this in cubase 7.5
  2. Make a new project
  3. Add a lot of different VSTs (EW** Snsonline and a few X Ser*** plugins, i don’t want to advertise anybody here, these are 64Bit VST plugins)
  4. Look at CPU load when pressing F2 in Cubase
  5. or Start playing
  6. Profit: Cubase 7.5: lower CPU load, no stutter. Cubase 8 Pro: higher load, stutter

OS: Win 8.1-64
SW: cubase pro 8.0 64bit (also 7.5.30 64bit)
HW: i7 4702MQ, 24GB RAM

I’ve read that CPU load should be lower, and VST performance improved that’s what I expected.
Please advise…

I confirm that.
I dont know if you already try to setup the asio guard to HIgh, but
There is nothing you can do, the biggest the graphic improvements steinberg is doing, the slower that the system gets.
And also using the Aereo in Windows it takes more system resources.
I want my money back :imp:

I can confirm this as well. My first project i loaded up into 8 completely taxed my PC and i had to up my asio buffer significantly

on top of this the workspaces functions are completely broken

several other threads of issues




i confirm that too, they said advertise that cubase 8 will double the asio performance, it’s false, it’s a lie, i update to 8 only for that asio benefit, i feel betrayed.

Windows 7 64 bits

  • 1 I confirm

i’am disapointed. No money to change CPU again.

I read that the VST performance would eat up significantly less CPU and didn’t hesitate to spend £82 upgrading, in an instant.

Should have known better…

I should also add that as my screen res is 1920 x 1080, I had my DPI settings slightly higher in order to read/see things easier but have had to make everything smaller just to get the Cubase 8 menu functioning normally and it still doesn’t properly… when I close a project I just get the menu at the top now with no window, like it’s detached.

Feels like a downgrade overall


This occurs with specific combinations of FireWire or USB audio devices and when ASIO-Guard is enabled. Make sure that “Steinberg Audio Power Scheme” is enabled in the VST Devices setup to resolve the issue.

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