RIP Amy Winehouse

… just heard. R.I.P.

the local news

o well ,no surprise really ,she had talents that people dreamed of and wasted them ,all a part of her “show” and now’s she’s paid with the ultimate price . i feel sorry for her father , the mount of crap he went through with her now he can get on with his life !


RIP :frowning:



Terrible news… but not totally unexpected, which in itself is tragic.

I loved Amy

Ya got that right, Steve. Prior reporting that I had read, plus some of the post-death responses suggested her life wasn’t all that great because of drug abuse, i.e. it was a waste before she passed and thus her passing doesn’t come as much of a surprise… still, R.I.P.

I love Rock n Roll, in all its forms… but I utterly and totally reject the continuing celebration and glorification of the rock drug culture, not only in the rock press, but in the mainstrteam media, and by many of the musicians themselves.

Look… I drink, a bit, and I occasionally “burn one.” But I just don’t understand the culture of self-destruction that is still being advanced, after 40+ years of tragic, pointless losses.

Sorry for the rant

Is there anyone here not surprised by this news? Sad as it is?

“It’s better to burn out than to fade away”?
Not sure about it myself Doug, it’s a sad way to go that’s for sure :cry:

Well, as tragic it is - after all when she was actually sober and performing at her best she certainly had the talent, but I wasn’t at all surprised when I read the news. Given her ‘seriously out-of-control’ lifestyle it’s perhaps more surprising she even made it to 27.

I saw Amy before she made it and thought she had a great talent, which she did, she wasted it, totally self inflicted, I have no sympathy for these kids who mess themselves up with various chemicals, just a sad waste that’s all.

She made the 27 club too:


Probably the most inspirational singer I’ve heard in decades. Truly tragic…

I’m late hearing the news. Sad, totally sad. She was special, no matter how she screwed her life up. Bye for now Amy. :frowning:

From rehab to ‘dehab’…

I hope others can learn from this tragedy.

Yes, agreed…

She did make some great songs.

RIP Amy… :frowning:

I was plugging for your sax services at gearslutz, Wim… you might get an email

I told them you weren’t free, too :laughing:

So this is a Rest In Peace Amy Winehouse thread. Not sure why people need to respond with “no sympathy” type posts. If you have no sympathy for her self inflicted dimise, why bother to post?

Thanks Doug! :sunglasses:

Time and time again the media industry(and I’m referring to the press as well as the music world) feed off the most unstable characters. Those who make the headlines for all the wrong reasons are still generating free publicity, titillating bored house wifes and jealous wannabees.

The fascination within our disapproval fuels the downward spiral…“ooh she’s shaved her head”…“what married again”…“DOING DRUGS!!! - well…I’d never do that!” and then “Oh look. She’s number one in the charts again!”

Once they’re dead, the market value goes up and the press sell a few more copies. What churns my guts is the surprise everybody feigns.

I was looking at some scores by Amy today, she wrote most of the music and all of the lyrics in her songs. She’s been telling people about her life in those songs. She doesn’t mention the press, boyfriends, enemies, etc, directly but they’re all in there. How much publicity she actually sought out is highly debatable. I’ve grown to appreciate her contribution to music these past few days and she will definitely be missed, she was a real talent.

Again, RIP Amy