RIP Amy Winehouse

Boy, you’re really bothered by many posts in general it seems. How can you stand the internet if you let everything irk you?


Not really bothered, just asking a question. Isn’t “Rest In peace” equated to Sympathy for the Dead? If not please correct me. If so ,why would someone post “I have no sympathy” in a thread for someone who just died. If you have no sympathy why not just leave it alone?

Sorry if the question bothers you, I thought forums were for discussion.

At first I thought No. It’s just a euphemistic cliché. Dead people aren’t resting. Who would use those words together if they hadn’t heard them somewhere else before?

But looking at your question again perhaps you’re right. I do have “feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune”. But the people genuinely experiencing that misfortune are the loved ones left behind. My sympathy for the dead is more for what could have been than for what really is since I know they no longer experience that misfortune. But if you do believe they’re just resting perhaps sympathy is consistent.

Well said. It is really about who is left behind, and that’s the main reason for funeral customs and rites.

And I totally agree with Mr. M. If in this type of thread you are not expressing sympathy, then holding your silence would show due respect for those who do feel a sense of loss.


I’d slowly been getting into her songs over the last year or so. Back to Black is a standard for me in the gym while huffing and puffing on the eliptical. Over the repetition of listening the songs I’m No GooD,Back to Black,Me and Mr Jones have revealed themselves to truly be classics. As good as anything I’ve heard in years.The production, writing and arranging are flawless IMO. Even before she died I’d always think that she couldn’t make another record like that. Not because of her declining condidtion but records that good are seldom followed up with an equally good outing.

Because it’s the internet and you will always get positive and negative attitudes in every discussion. This thread appears to be the only Amy Winehouse topic which is why people will post their view here. Maybe it would be different if there were a “I have no sympathy for Amy Winehouse” thread, but if there were I can guarantee you there would be people that do have sympathy for her arguing their point in there as well :wink:

Just saying that kind of stuff is inescapable on the internet in open discussion forums.


She recorded a few songs for the forthcoming (when?) Bond film apparently. Not just a title song that we usually get with such things :sunglasses:

Mr Mahogany, you sir are the conscience of the forum – don’t ever change! :sunglasses: