RIP Chick Corea
Another great one passes.


Totally gutted by this news. Been walking around in a daze all day since I heard it. :cry::sob: R.I.P. Chick. We will miss you! :frowning:

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R.I.P. :frowning: :wilted_flower:

It’s too bad. Though I was never a great admirer of Corea as a pianist (I thought his piano playing lacked emotional content), I admired Corea and his bandmates for helping to keep bebop alive.

I saw him on a solo tour in Stuttgart a long time ago an was sorely dissapointed (in fact, I left at the interval), but not because of his piano playing; it was a different context. My personal favourite is his “Mad Hatter” album; if you only listen to one track, then it’s “Humpty Dumpty” (Gadd on drums!), but one should really give the time to “The Mad Hatter Rhapsody”.