RIP Eddie Van Halen

What more can I say. A true rock legend.

So strange I’ve heard and read stuff for the last three days with a lot of EVH info on the emotional, nostalgic side of things so today I google “Eddie Van Halen health” and didn’t see anything even though I was left with some creepy vibes for some reason. I just knew it. EVH was my guitar hero beyond everybody else after hearing you know what in 1978. It’s totally unreal to me, but at the same time I know how to extrapolate, so I’m not surprised either. I just didn’t want it to happen. At least not for another … tour? album? something? 65 is too early for anyone to go. For your heroes … it rips your heart out. Vacuum in my brain. Thanks for the music, Eddie, and goodbye.

Damn. This is the first I’ve heard of it. Being born in '75, my first real Van Halen exposure was the 1984 hits which, of course, were accompanied by the videos on “Music Television”. Jump, Panama, Hot For Teacher …

It was later (about 10 years ago, actually) that I purchased all their original albums and got hooked on the beauty of Eddie’s guitar playing. Now I understand what all the hype was about.

Rest In Peace. A true legend.

:cry: One of my guitar heroes.

Rock Stars come and go. Musicians play until they die - Eddie Van Halen

Peace out in peace:)- or stir it up:p

Got to see them live once in Toronto. They were amazing!!

I have always enjoyed two handed “tap” players that have truly mastered that technique.

Eddie Van Halen
Stanley Jordan
Victor Wooden
to name a few

R.I.P. Eddie


Rest in peace legend, your music is eternal.

Legendary! Godfather of rnr

Thanks for the thrills, RIP, Eddie. :frowning:

one of the best guitarists in history, R.I.P.

RIP to an absolute musical legend. May his songs live on forever.

Saw his dad on utube playing ukulele. Simply amazing!!

Now we see where Eddie got it from.


a huge loss for all of us