RIP Johnny Winter...

RIP Johnny…

R.I.P. Johnny Winter.

Another one gone :frowning: .

wow ,that’s sad and a bit of a shock ,i have old recordings of Johnny jamming with Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison from the 60`s .

Indeed this is a real shocker for me, I just changed my sig a few weeks ago after listening to his rendition of Dylan’s ‘Highway 61 Revisited’, some of the first R&R I ever bought…
I remember the Second Winter Album was a double album set with only three sides cut - so’s to give it space to be played properly loud as intended which a single 2-sided album wouldn’t have afforded.


According to Winter, “…I never even met Jim Morrison! There’s a whole album of Jimi and Jim and I’m supposedly on the album but I don’t think I am 'cause I never met Jim Morrison in my life!” :wink:

oh no!!! now the heroes of my generation start to fall off the train too often and too many! :cry:

Around or just before last X-mas I had a little weekend blues revival listening to Johnny Winter, Buddy Guy, The King brothers (BB, Albert & Freddie) , Albert Collins and …
… h e e e y ! :sunglasses:

the albums were" high live and dirty " and “for real”. high live and dirty was a limited addition pressed in red vinyl, i have it in my collection , info on it here Jimi Hendrix - High Live & Dirty Album Reviews, Songs & More | AllMusic
you are probably right or i should say Johnny was probably right ,i never knew johnny winters playing that well ,so i could not tell if it was him or not, plus Hendrix used to jam with everybody according to stories i wonder why the guitarist whoever it is has not stepped forward and claimed it. mystery.

Surely missed… :frowning:

Seen him at Toads Place several years ago but I am so sorry I missed him this past January when he played at the Infinity Hall. Darn it, he is one of my favs.

One of the guitarists I tried to copy… saw him around here maybe 4 years ago; he looked pretty feeble then. Had to be helped to the chair on the stage. But he could still play. Maybe not as well as when he was young, but it was still great to see him.

Here’s one of my favorite tracks:

wow ,i never heard Johnny rip like that before ,he got a great technique going with the thumb pick.

His first album on Columbia had a very raw genuine sound that his later albums didn’t have (seems by the second album the producers and engineers caught up). Try Leland Mississippi Blues as well. Sounds like he’s right next to you in the room, with the band. I spent a lot of my youth playing along with him.

Leland Mississippi Blues ,nice one man .Leon do me a favor check out the Hendrixs track "Peoples People" it s a live bootleg . Hendrix kicks it off playing the first 2 solos and there is another guitarist on there also who we are led to believe is Johnny playing in between the singing ,although it is hard to tell them apart at times cause they played similar blues licks but Johnnys sound was much cleaner than Jimi`s,see if you can confirm this ,you seem to know a lot more about Johnny Winter ,Jim Morrison chimes in shouting at the end and apparently plays mouth organ through out the track . i just find it strange that Johnny Winter is credited and that nobody else as come to claim it . sorry Wim if this part of your tribute to Johnny thread has turned into an

Sounds like it could be Johnny, but I am by no means any authority on him. Certainly does sound like Jim Morrison, though. Maybe everybody on that track is no longer with us!

thanks Leon ,im beginning to think it could be Johnny winter cause he seemed to be a bit more articulate with the pick than Jimi and after hearing Be Careful With A Fool blues by Johnny with that similar fast style hmm! i dunno.. ive had that recording since the late 70`s and never heard that it was anybody else ,this is one for Scooby Doo .

No problem! Interesting read! :smiley:

yeah, i found the interview with johnny winter god rest his soul ,hes says it was apparently Rick "ricky dont loose that number " Derringer.who played on the hendrix and morrison jam ,oh well.

R.I.P :confused: