RIP Jon Lord

Bummer :frowning:

Rest In Peace Jon, and thanks for the GREAT music.

R.I.P. Jon :cry:

R.I.P. and thank you for showing us how the Hammond B3/C3 was/is one of the
most versatile instruments ever made.

For me the B3/C3 was always Jimmy Smith,Jack McDuff,Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes, Booker T etc
and then in 1972 I heard the ‘Machine Head’ album and my brain was ripped opened
by the possibilities of the instrument.

Jon Lord opened that door for me.
Mahalo sir.

Yea—still love Machine Head to, that B3 through a Marshall Guitar Amp - Wow --------Jon Lord will be missed RIP

Jack :cry:

the organ from ‘Made In Japan’ is dead, but the memories will live on.
Loved the raw sound, I think I need to hear that album now from start to finish.

Another of my heroes dead and gone… time creeps onward. :frowning:


RIP Jon.

I always loved his sound… and his playing.
I, too, need to go listen to some Deep Purple.

RIP jon… :frowning:

what a great shame … rip jon