RIP Leonard Nimoy

Farewell Mr, Spock.

I believe there was an episode or two where he sang and played the harp no?

He’ll be missed. An iconic actor. :frowning:

Rip Leonard :frowning:

He was always my favorite Star Trek character.

Rest In Peace Mr. Nimoy.

As a trekkie I’m with you all!

I use to have his record. Very Bizarre but honest.
Starting my Star Trek movie marathon in 1 hour.
Nothing else will play until all the movies Leonard had a hand in have played.
Could be sometime tomorrow…

RIP Leonard Nimoy. You will be missed.

Aloha guys,

I loved the Vulcan stringed/electronic instrument he played
in one of the Star Trek episode with futuristic ‘hippies’.

R.I.P. Leonard.

In the middle of binge watching ‘Voyager’ right now but since you mentioned it,
guess that can put that on hold so I can ‘break me off’ a couple of Spock pieces of ‘TOS’.

Tanx R,

I heard he had been rushed to the hospital a day ago, and earlier today learned of his passing.

Live long and proper my friend :cry:

RIP, Mr Spock :frowning: .

Beamed up for the last time, RIP

R.I.P. Mr. Nimoy aka Mr. Spock

RIP Mr Nimoy, fond timeless memories.

:frowning: and respect.

Haha: - YouTube :laughing:

RIP, leonard…

I am now watching his work on the old "Mission Impossible’ television show.


I could never get into his Paris character, for me Martin Landau had that part wrapped (I know it wasn’t the same character, but it was an ersatz for the same).
I also found it amusing that Nimoy took over the role in MI while Landau (and Barbara Bains) went on to star in a SciFi series Space:1999 (which was pretty shabby).

I really don’t recall Leonard Nimoy on Mission Impossible …and I used to watch it in the 70’s :confused: I watched very little of “Space 1999” Shabby indeed!

I liked Leonard Nimoy when he hosted a program … I think it was called “In Search Of” ?

The last work he did in front of the camera I believe were a few commercials with William Shatner for Volkswagens E-series. He was driving an XL1
- YouTube among others.