RIP Owsley Bear Stanley

Pioneering audio engineer Owsley ‘Bear’ Stanley dies at 76 :frowning:

RIP Bear.

I think the writer or source of the obituary should be credited if reproduced in full.

You are correct, however that text was emailed to me with no source… I will now edit the post.

Thanks Mr. Duck :wink:

Sure a a lot of ducks around here lately…

Aloha and R.I.P. Bear

In 1972 while in Toronto I hooked up with a bass player from Ireland
and we would have ‘discussions’ about who on the planet (at that time)
had the best live sound system.

He argued for the Pink Floyd sound system that was soooo good it was rented
out to other bands to use when not being used by PF.

He pointed out articles in the New Music Express magazine to push his point.
(NME was the European version of Rolling Stone mag at the time)

I took the GDead’s system as my choice (they were using things like out of phase mics etc to surpress BG noise and using many many AR3a speakers as a PA system) and we would go back and forth on this day after day.

We only talked ‘gear’ not designers but I now know it must have been Bear putting it all together
for the GDead.

“I did not know ya Bear but knew of your work and I am still using some of those live techniques today”.

Thank you and R.I.P