RIP Robin Williams


:cry: :open_mouth:

Very sad indeed.

I thank him for introducing me to performance artist Bill Irwin (Eddie Bartholomew on the Cosby show) and
music artist Bobby McFerrin in the music video of ‘Don’t Worry. Be happy’.

R.I.P. Robin.

Oh captain, my captain!

Nannu-Nannu… gonna miss ya Mork! :frowning:

Just another reminder to hug everyone you love…

RIP Robin

sad but he has left us pieces of magic .

Sad news indeed :frowning:

It get’s more sad when they continue to tribute him on TV programs, showing interviews where Robin is cutting up as per usual, putting me into tears of laughter, then into choked up tears. It’s incredible how even successful & loved millionaire’s aren’t immune to troubles, but maybe even pushed into trouble even more by the nature of their profession & lifestyles. If only we could go back into time, hug them, and tell them it’s going to be alright :frowning:

you’d think for all the money, there’d be some way to stabilise the emotions.

There is in the case of bipolar disorder… Lithium Carbonate

The problem is the person is generally expected to have to take it for the rest of their life and very often when people feel well they can start to feel that they don’t need their medication any more and cease it. A lot of it seems to depend on how much ‘insight’ the ‘sufferer’ has, that is the ability to recognise and realise that something is ‘not as it should be’ within their own mind, some people have fantastic amounts of insight whereas some seem to have none at all… most people are at some point in between on a spectrum. I’ve spoken with many people with BPD over the years and a few of them have said they don’t like taking it as it stops them from emotionally ‘feeling’ as they did before, this may be the case or it may be that they’re not experiencing the intensity of emotion and experience this group appears to in relation to ‘normal’ people which can also cause some people to stop medication.

Sadly it seems RW was diagnosed early stages of Parkinsons which in itself carries an increased risk of depression being linked to the neurotransmitter dopamine (interesting fact: a person who has parkinsons cannot develop schizophrenia and vice-versa owing to the role of dopamine in both conditions). Also try and imagine you have suspected and then had it confirmed that you have just been diagnosed with something as serious and in most cases it ain’t gonna make someone skip down the road clicking their heels!!!

The bloke had years of struggle with substance abuse too which is incredibly common in mental health cases as people very often try to self medicate with them to dampen their symptoms… i used to see examples of this on a daily basis in my previous life in mental health, if i looked out of my office window i could peer into the rehab unit next door! This can go on for MANY years BEFORE any kind of diagnosis and management/treatment is sought by which time it’s highly likely that there can sadly be addiction/dependency issues too.

So so sad…