RIP some observations

Could some of You please have a look at the track notepad, of the original audio track that you have done a RIP on. Does it have some text in it after the RIP ?
If you RIP the same track 10 times, Does Cubase freeze trying to construct the track image ?
If you go to the pool and have a look at the audio files created by the 10 RIP, does the version numbers make sense?

I’m on windows, could be OS dependable.
Just curious if others have made the same observations.

I have just tested RIP and the Notepad. The text in my original Audio track’s Notepad (before RIP) says:

“Notepad Text for Peakae.”

Once I have RIPed the original Audio track, the RIP Track’s Notepad says:

“Notepad Text for Peakae.”

However, when looking at the original Audio Track’s Notepad, after the RIP, the Text says:

“text copied from rendered track track:
Notepad Text for Peakae”

Why the Text of the Original doesn’t stay the same as you originally typed, is weird. It should stay the same and on the RIP Track’s Notepad, it should have the (R) Symbol at the end of the Text (just like in the Arrange Window on all RIP Tracks) for consistency.


Pretty weird. Seeing the same thing here. Can’t really make out what the function is for, or what the function is. :confused:

you weren’t supposed to be looking there!