RIP Stereo to Mono


Been using RIP like a boss and love it. I have many (hundreds of channels) Stereo files that someone has given me to mix with some Music and I need to turn them into Mono tracks so I wonder why there is no option to use RIP Stereo to Mono? Currently having to File - Export Audio Mixdown - Import to Pool etc which is fine but having a RIP option to do this would make RIP so much better for Speed/workflow.



Or you could assign all the tracks to a mono bus, and then RIP them. The mono bus/output does not have to be connected to anything in VST connections.

Yes, however I would just like there to be a check box that I can set in render in place. Less clicks and therefore quicker.


+1. Seems a sensible feature to have included in this feature from day 1.

But if it’s just about weeding out unnecessary tracks (often people export mono tracks as dual mono, with no actual stereo information, which just hogs disk space and resources) then I recommend trying Soundizers StereoMonoizer — faster than doing this via RIP.

I am so disappointed because I thought that this was part of the 8.0.20 update.
That’s why I waited to buy 8 Pro.
Is this function going to happen or not?

Oh I forgot something

Agreed this should be an option. I don’t see why something so obvious was not implemented. There is a tendency to think stereo is always best. A lot of us do not work this way, especially if you are making your own samples from acoustic recordings.

Perhaps you can pan the left and right chanel to center using the stereo combined panner option available in the mixconsole?

I think he is not looking for another workaround. He is requesting a feature.

I’m definitely not after a work around. Especially a work around that will take a lot more time and effort than just having a simple checkbox/option within the RIP options. Hopefully Steinberg will sort this out. After all, we are on the first incarnation of RIP so it would be wise to implement this in a future update.


+1 we need an option for this. The workaround is too laborious.

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Couldn’t you just select all the stereo files in the pool window and convert them to mono? Or are you trying to do something different?

Yes this can be the quickest and simple solution with maybe the option to save preset in pan area ? Or maybe Steinberg could add a third pan option and calling it “combined to mono” (the left and right chanel to center using the stereo combined panner)…

Since I can switch directly to mono on my monitor controle it’s not anymore a issue for me. But i really understand people asking for that “simple” useful feature :wink: