RIP - Thunderbirds creator

I guess now brains is no more :cry: :angry:

and Joe 90 :frowning:

I did not know of the creator (Mr. Anderson) but I did know
and enjoy the work and I thank him for that.


Ahhhhh … I always wondered where your old “brainy” avatar pic came from.

R.I.P. Mr. Anderson.

Not to mention Fireball XL5, Stingray, Captain Scarlett…

And then his later live action stuff: UFO (I have both seasons on DVD!) and Space 1999

Mr Anderson’s creations fuelled my childhood’s imagination. And my admiration for his work has stayed through to adulthood.

My wife and I joke that the only reason we really hitched up was that we could both name all of the Tracy brothers and which ship they piloted :slight_smile:

And lets not let no-one forget, the fabulous music written for all these masterpieces, by the wonderful (and late) Barry Gray. Without his scores, the energy, vitality, tension, and that real sense of impending danger contained within, those puppets would be even more (oh I shouldn’t) ‘wooden’ in their performances…! (groan…).