RIP Tony Sheridan

Very easy to say it would not have all happened without him. I’ve seen recent interviews w/ him, very down to earth, nice sounding guy. Thank you, Tony!

Thanks for posting that, brought back a lot of memories for me… :sunglasses:

“Well, I gotta girl, and ah-Ruby
Is her name …”

Wonder if Bert Kampfert is still around …

Bert Kaempfert (born Berthold Kämpfert; 16 October 1923 – 21 June 1980)

Thanks for that link, HfH … I had no idea at all how accomplished he was in his own right … what a tunesmith!

Re: his performances …

And this is the recording, “My Bonnie” with Tony Sheridan on lead vox and the others yelling and playing, that got Brian Epstein to start asking around about “The Beatles”

(Sorry if links aren’t quite right … I’m at work and can’t actually watch them!).