Rip X the new audio editor on the block , will it give SL a run for it's money?

Ive been seeing a few videos of this audio editor online the last week or so , looks pretty good , i wonder if it will give Spectral layers and RX a run for their money ?

This looks like it’s designed to appeal to people who use Ableton. I wouldn’t know what to do with it.

I agree , it’s a very in depth program with a lot of good features , and the interfaces seem pretty simple to use , not a bad price point either considering the amount of stems you can unmix , that might cause RX a headache with their expensive version

  • Accurately split full-mix stereo files into voice, drums, sound effects, guitar, keyboard and other layers
  • Create stems for DJ sets, or to perform or practise over
  • Experiment with tempo, pitch, scale, time-stretching, stereo panning, volume and EQing
  • Copy & paste parts between songs
  • Apply powerful built-in live effects
  • Auto-change notes to a different musical scale
  • Apply randomization to effects and scale for inspiration
  • Drag & drop a background image to set the mood
  • Create Ripples for the ultimate in live experimentation
  • Audioshop® Pro Deep-Editing Tools
  • VST3/ARA DAW & Pro Tools AAX Integration
  • Replace Instruments
  • Clone Attributes Between Notes
  • Draw New Notes, Drums and Samples
  • Make Fine Pitch Adjustments
  • Edit Unpitched Sound
  • Harmonic Editor
  • Noise Removal
  • Chord Creator
  • Create your own tools