Ripple Edit and Reverse Reverb

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I record Voice Over dialog with Cubasis LE 3 on my iPad Mini 6 using an Audient iD4… It is sooooooo clean. I love it. One tool I use for every edit is “Ripple”. Ripple editing is such a dream when editing out bad takes or background noises. I can cut out the piece of audio and the audio that follows, scoots in to take its place, so there is no empty audio. Is this possible with Cubasis?
Another thing I can’t find is Reverse Reverb.
I had to create this by reversing the audio clip, then adding reverb, export it as an audio file, then bring it back into the project, reverse it again and place it…a lot of work for a simple effect.
Thank all.

Hi @Robert_Smith1,

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Unfortunately we are unaware about “Ripple”, but you might give the internal audio editor a check to see if it works for your to clean vocal takes.

Apart from this there are several 3rd party audio editor app solutions available, which might work great in combination with Cubasis (where the 3rd party editor app appears in the lower zone of Cubasis).

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Hello @LSlowak - if you need more info/ideas of what ‘Ripple Edit’ can do, have a look here:-
Ripple Edit - for Events and Ranges (voice overs, composing, film e.g.) - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

The GIF and video demos in the first post are from Reaper I believe; but its a very powerful extra piece of functionality IMHO. Of course, Cubase/Nuendo should get this incorporated too, but that’s another story… :wink:

Further, more full description
REAPER 5 Explained - 21. Ripple Editing - YouTube


Thanks for that clarification Puma0382. Funny, Reaper is my desktop DAW. And it is such a wonderful tool. I wish there was an iOS version, which is what I was hoping from Cubasis. Maybe in the future these small fixes in the development will happen.

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Hi @Puma0382,

Thanks for the additional info.

We have similar features like this in Wavelab, which is not available for iOS unfortunately.


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No worries @Robert_Smith1

And apologies to @LSlowak - I probably mis-interpreted the wording “…we are unaware about ‘Ripple’…” thinking it meant you had no knowledge of the concept… ;-(

Anyways, here’s hoping you could add such functionality to Cubasis, in a future update.

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I also have to be clear that I would never have known about Cubasis if it weren’t for my recent purchase of my Audient iD4 MKII. I wanted a mobile solution for recording auditions and podcast shows. The first project I did with the iPad/Audient/Cubasis really made me happy about the decision. Cubasis is pretty cool. Fingers crossed on adding “Ripple” and “reverse reverb”. Ripple is really the important tweak. reverse reverb is just for play. But, I’m sure there are musicians out there who would really benefit with reverse reverb. It adds a nice haunting effect.

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@Robert_Smith1 suggest you take a look at Eventide Crystals and yaleD Reverse Delay, IOS Auv3 plug-ins which do reverse delays.

Fortunately there is a very active and growing IOS Auv3 market with lots of interesting tools that augment an IOS DAW like Cubasis.

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