Ripple Edit - for Events and Ranges (voice overs, audio books, podcasts e.g.)

that´s true!

Isn’t this the same as selecting all after the cursor on one track…

With this concept in mind I created the following macro:


  • Edit - Select All On Tracks
  • Process Project Logical Editor: Select All Beyond Cursor

PROJECT LOGICAL EDITOR: Select All Beyond Cursor:

This is a workaround which works quite well, but I think a ripple-button works much faster. Harrison’s Mixbus has it too and that works very fast.


These Macro’s are there by default …
And they are also in EDIT/Select/from cursor to end


Thanks Fredo, but I’m afraid those commands do not select “all following” on the selected track.
In 2015 I added a [FR] which is similar to the one we’re staring at now, and there we had exactly the same discoveries.
And as a result of our constructive discussion I could copy this much-used-macro from you.

Please refer to

Still, I think a ripple-function will work much faster.
I hope someone @ Steinberg feels the urge of implementing all these tiny omissions which would make Nuendo really advanced?

The easiest way is still:

Shift_Double Clicking on the event. (This selects all events on the right of that event) - Only on the selected track.


The easiest way is still:
Shift_Double Clicking on the event. (This selects all events on the right of that event) - Only on the selected track.

…but that’s not a key-command…and that’s what this thread is all about.

Am I wrong or are you @ TempleOfTune on Nuage?
Maybe you can explain your workflow in regard of this topic? How do you ripple-edit your events and “following events”?

I’m -personally- especially interested in the mix of using the mouse and using key commands (or dedicated smart-buttons on the Nuage).
On my Euphonix Mc Pro I make extensive use of key commands and use the mouse mainly for event/part-operations. I rarely touch menus with the mouse. That’s why I think key command implementation of Nuendo should be much more advanced.
In the meantime I’m very worried about the EuCon-integration in Nuendo. How long will this be supported?
Another thread, I know…

I don’t discuss Ripple Edit at all.
I just provided an answer to the so-called missing feature/KC of “select all events right of cursor” (On the same track.)
They are there and they are working fine as KC. (Also on our trusted Nuage)

But it doesn’t matter, because I couldn’t care less if it is a Key Command or a mouse-thing.
I just use whatever seems most convenient at the moment.
Personally, I don’t see the point of:
-Select Track
-Move cursor to position
-fire KC or function that selects all events to the right.

While I can SHIFT/double-clik on any event in the project window.
That’s one action compared to 3 actions on the controller.

But as said, I have both “select events right/left from cursor” on selected track assigned to my User assignable keypad.
They link to the two Macro’s which are present in the default KC’s.


Thanks anyway for sharing your personal view on this Fredo.
Here’s obviously 2 different points of view and 2 different workflows.

1 question mark though, where are the default KC’s for “select events right/left from cursor” on selected track ?
I may be a slow student but I can’t see the wood for the trees anymore now that we’ve spoken about all these different commands…

They are in the Macro section of the Key Commands window.
In the KC window, there is a folder called “Macro”.
There you can assign a KC to the macro.


Unfortunately I can’t find those default macro’s on my Nuendo-systems…is it possible that I’m overlooking something?
…I’ve been looking for this since 2015 !

Fredo- I can’t find them either, and after forcing Nuendo to rebuild prefs these are the only macros that are present.

But in any case, this can be done with macros, and a PLE preset.

For all tracks:
Select the earliest object to be included in the edit, then
Locate Selection Start
Select from Cursor to end

To do this on a selection of tracks:

  • Select tracks upon which objects should be moved
  • Select the earliest object to be included in the edit, then
  • Locate Selection Start
  • Select all on tracks
  • PLE preset:
    Property is Set: Event is Selected
    Position Beyond Cursor
    Function: Select

I’ve included the PLE preset.
ripple (820 Bytes)

Yes! This was requested in the Cubase forum too. Ripple edit would be a game changer for editing in Nuendo. In giant sessions for example, you need to expand all of the automation first (since automation is not tied to any events on groups, sends, etc.), then select everything, then move it, then de-expand the automation (at least there’s a macro/PLE to make it so it doesn’t close aux and group folders and multitimbral instrument outputs when hiding all automation).

With ripple editing there is no need for all of this – it’s efficient and very fast and makes a huge difference in the kind of pro work we do here. I was using Reaper for a bit and realized what a win this feature is for pros and non-pros alike.

Thanks for this, Steve. We still very much need Ripple Editing, of course.

I use Nuendo for film and media composition and this would be a great function when I need to reconform the material to a new cut! While waiting, I think I will set up a macro…

If you’re in film I’d think getting EDLs and reconforming would be preferred.

Oh, yes. But… you don’t always get to pick your editor, and that editor that you don’t get to pick so very frequently, in his haste to send you that latest cut that has the source audio spread all over the track spread in indecipherable ways, forgets to actually learn how to provide it… or just refuses to…or has gone home for the weekend… or, in my case last week, is in India with a 12+hour time difference when the new cut has to be in within 5.

In other words… ya can’t always get what you want. Enhanced ripple features would be welcome over here. Certainly I’d prefer to reconform via EDL… but there are lots of things I’d like that I can’t have all the time. I wish somebody would do something about that.


Sure. I don’t disagree.

Wow, Steve you are quite amazing. Thanks for that very useful tip.

+1 please, yes to Ripple Edit. Even Studio One just got Ripple Edit mode now.