Ripple Edit - for Events and Ranges (voice overs, composing, film e.g.)

Having a true Ripple Edit in Cubase / Nuendo would be a huge win for those of us using Cubendo for voice (audio books, voice overs, podcasts, film etc.)

Ripple Editing allows for a convenient way to rearrange sections of a song and maintain the sync relationships without leaving unintended gaps between the clips. When adjusting the position of a clip in the Track view, than Cubase automatically adjust the start position of all subsequent clips to compensate for the change. You can choose to ripple edit just the selection, or all tracks plus meter/key changes, tempo changes, and markers.

A very fast way to rearrange Events and Markers and multiple tracks etc. together… :exclamation:

How “Ripple Edit” works in Reaper:

note: Wavelab has this feature since years also !



See this nice GIF animation from “ChrisPolus”: (thank you Chris!)

“1) No ripple edit. 2) Ripple editing for one track. 3) Ripple editing for multiple tracks.
Notice how it only moves the selected clip and all clips AFTER it. No chopping up clips.”



Most IMPORTANT point for me is when i cut and delete audio events, then the markers should be stick to the audio positions!

Very nice…
in Global Ripple Mode All Automation on Grouptracks etc. should be affected as well. Not just Audio Tracks. Markers also…

Indeed I’d love this feature and have asked for it for a long time. Hopefully some day.

There is a small workaround that gets you almost there. It’s a bit more to click but works. At least for one track. Hold SHIFT and double click a clip, and all subsequent clips are also selected. You can move those around then. It’s a lot more cumbersome that direct ripple mode and involves more clicking, but at least for one track it works OK.

I would love this feature. I think I’ve been asking for it in Cubase for what feels like 10+ years. Reaper’s implementation of it is excellent, and even Studio One now has a ripple editing mode. Come on, Steinberg! This is essential for certain workflows, and there is NO streamlined alternative in Cubase or Nuendo that does the same thing.

Thanx Chris, that’s a new one for me. I also use a lot Select from cursor to end, or Shift+Alt with range tool., or double click on cycle marker + Global copy/paste/cut !

Would LOVE this feature !!!

I think first DAW that got this feature was Samplitude :wink: And yes, one can drag a clip with EVERYTHING after it including automation and markers in Samplitude.

You’re probably right… I vaguely recall it as far back as around 2002… maybe earlier. (2002 was a big year for Samplitude IMO when they added VST and ASIO support if I’m not mistaken.) Can’t recall if it had ripple editing earlier than 2002 though. I must be getting old. Sigh.

Of course, Vegas had auto-ripple very early on too – Vegas came out in 1999 and was audio only back then… although very quickly they added video in 2000.

Reaper – which has the smoothest Ripple Editing modes IMO – wasn’t released until 2005-2006…

In any case, Steinberg is definitely about 14-19 years LATE to the ripple editing game! Come on, Steinberg! It’s clear they just have not fully appreciated the workflow and usage-case scenarios yet… and I wish they would wake the heck up and see how useful and time-saving it is in certain circumstances…

Like I mentioned, even Studio One now has ripple editing, and the guy who manages Studio One used to work at Steinberg (and I’m not talking about some of the developers… some of them ALSO previously worked at Steinberg)… so maybe there’s hope. :smiley:

I work a lot in Samplitude for post production. And now I have to explore Nuendo due to the fact that most post studios near me have only Pro Tools and Nuendo.(Nuendo is closer to my mind than Pro Tools) Pity that Samplitude won’t appear on mac as they said. But what I have to say they always have responsive support. There are two man at least on their forum that have direct link to Magix developers and they act fast, answer you, give help by their experience and make support request. When I came here I felt myself like in mystical forest. Beauty, trees was noising, but none did answer on my screams, but ECHO…Echo…echo…reflected by trees just like me))

+1 also for cubase!!!