Ripple Edit - for Events and Ranges (voice overs, podcasts e.g.)

I would pay 540,- Euros again - if that feature would be integrated in Cubase X. :bulb:

(no kiddin)




Wow, this would be amazing. Huge +1

+1 for Ripple Edit.

+1! This can be a time saver also for classical music editing



I didn’t know what this was but it would of helped me so many times.

Most other DAWs of Cubase’s type have it including Pro Tools and Studio One. It does not exist in Cubase and it’s so massively useful.

What ripple edit is: When this is enabled, any edits you make in your project will affect the timing position of ALL tracks, lanes, automation on groups, auxes, instruments, etc. ahead of it, or individual tracks which are selected. This definitely does not exist in Cubase (there are workarounds that require many steps as opposed to just one) – when you use it in a another DAW you will see how very great and useful it is.

Please, let’s get it in Cubase so we can be competitive with these other DAWs in this way. I long for it whenever I see someone using it in Pro Tools, Studio One, and others.

Repeat: With ripple edit there is usually just one step (aside from enabling ripple edit and selecting individual tracks if you want that instead of all tracks) which is the actual edit/move, and with Cubase there are many steps, both before and after. It’s a night and day difference and the speed and efficiency increase is massive.

Please join the already existing request thread for Ripple Edit here:

There is also a nice animation of Ripple Edit in action in that thread.

I know the feature you are asking for, it’s what we use in Adobe Premiere to pull the whole timeline to the left when we delete a section. It’s actually totally doable in Cubase, at least starting in version 10:

  • Use CTRL+ Shift (CMD+Shift on Mac) plus the range tool and select the section to delete. The key commands select every track when using the Range tool.
  • Use CTRL+ Shift (CMD+Shift on Mac) plus “x” to cut the section. Everything moves over!
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For C12, I would be thrilled if Steinberg would consider adding ripple editing functionality with the ability to alternate between rippling one or all tracks.

Hey everyone how about using one of your Votes for this feature?
Perhaps SB will finally take notice…