Ripple edit

Hey, man! I’m a former Sequoia user, but I had to give it up, because of Windoze. :frowning:


No. That’s not quite true.

unfortunately you can only ripple one track (!) in Studio One.
all other tracks, especially markers (…), are unfortunately not included with Ripple Editing in S1.
That’s a half-baked solution.

I prefer Ripple Edit in Wavelab, would like to see this in Nuendo too.



I’m already doing ripple editing in Nuendo with the command “Delete Time”

with the range tool, I can select on one or more tracks, hit delete time (I have a key command set up as Shift-delete) and everything ripples in (only on those tracks and range you selected)

with the object select tool instead (ie the arrow or first tool), you have to make a selection in the ruler, then delete time, and the whole session including all markers, tempo events and so on all ripple.

Is that what you are all looking for?

… interesting…

I can work without the function. I use what you say (+ a macro to replace the cursor) and the “Select from Start to Cursor” and “Select to Cursor to End” tools, but the workflow would be more flexible with Ripple Edit. The “Select from Cursor to End” tool is useful but it conflicts with “Auto Select Event Under Cursor”. PLEASE Steinberg, Ripple Edit for Nuendo et Cubase ! Alternation between “All Tracks” and “Single Track” with toggle shortcut as on REAPER would be fine :arrow_right:


This is nice! (Where is the “thumbs up” gremlin?




but I think with insert and delete silence you can also acheive a good workflow at the moment

It is not the same fast workflow.
I have a Ripple Edit Macro :bulb: which works ok for me,
but a real Ripple in Nuendo would be fantastic !

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Hi bro! :wink: I still use both Samplitude and Nuendo. What’s wrong with Windows? Version 10 works nicely) Ripple edit and object edit are my favourite tools forever!


We need a comprehensive ripple editing mode .

1: ripple when events are moved in either direction on the time time

2: ripple when an event’s In/Out boundary is moved in either direction on the time line

3: ripple when events are inserted or deleted in the timeline

4: option in all cases to have single track, multiple tracks or all tracks ripple.

The Range/ delete/ insert time is a blunt tool… inefficient, unintuitive … I’d go as far as to say unusable. Try editing a long dialog piece and removing breaths, ums etc and adjusting for cadence. You’ll go mad.

After 30 years of development how can it not be included?


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