Ripple edit

It would be great to add the Ripple edit. Here, a video of the principe:
This could be add to the options of the tool “Object Selection” with two preferences: All Tracks (included the marker tracks) or Selected Tracks.
This option is really relevant for a lot of work situations, a lot of software such as Reaper, Pyramix, Sadie, Samplitude, Sequoia have implemented it for a long time. Here the topic concerning the request in Nuendo V8:

Thank you :exclamation:

One of the most missed features for me

There’s already a request thread for that here:

Cool +1

dang that would be amazing

Please, this is essential! +1

Please Steinberg!

I know the functions “Shift+Clic” to select all events on a track and “Edit>Select>From Cursor to End” but the RIPPLE tool (with Markers Tracks!) would be great. Could someone from Steinberg answer? Maybe there is a definite reason why this tool is not developed?

Thank you :ugeek: