Ripple Editing

Ripple Editing simplifies arranging and moving around large blocks of clips - adding sections, removing sections, closing up spaces around deletions, and more.

In Wavelab you can found this… (!)

would like to have this in Cubase:

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Have you tried setting shuffle as the snap mode?

oh, this has nothing to do with Shuffle or Snap Mode. :wink:

Here are nice videos - “RIPPLE EDITING” :



That looks pretty awesome. I’m surprised Cubase doesn’t have this feature.

In Cubase you can use SHIFT+double click on the first event (following events are now selected)
But it´s not really the same.

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+1 Yes please. Use it all the time in Reaper

Select from cursor to end can be useful on a hotkey. So you would set up “Split at cursor” on a hotkey of choice, put your cursor where you want and “Split at cursor” and then hit your “Select from cursor to end” key all parts in the arrangement are selected from your cursor onwards. Very useful when making radio programmes as an example as you were always opening and closing gaps and needing to select all audio after cursor and then slide it forwards or back in time. Similar thing different approach.

Then you could at least move the entire arrangement from that point onwards to open a gap up in the arrangement.