Ripple Editing!

Ripple Editing simplifies arranging and moving around large blocks of clips - adding sections, removing sections, closing up spaces around deletions, incl. all gaps etc. and more.
In Wavelab you can found this… (!)

would like to have this in Cubase too, see those vids:

P.S: this feature has nothing to do with Shuffle or Snap Mode.
You can alternatively use SHIFT+double click on the first event (following events are now selected) in Cubase.
But it´s not the best and not the fastest way…

In Wavelab:



As far as I understand it - this already exist.

I successfully did Insert silence x number of bars or time those bars occupy. This includes tempo track if any.
Same thing doing Delete Time to collapse hole etc - also include tempo track, and move everything on the right filling hole.
Paste Time and Cut Time also exist - to move things around.

The procedure is simply make selection on main ruler, no range tool. Click to make active loop.
This create locators for the area you want to work on.
Insert silence - would insert empty space in this range, moving everything as needed.
Cut Time - would remove space in this range, filling hole, moving everything as needed and you have that in clipboard.
Delete Time - do same as above but don’t put in clipboard.
Paste Time - same as Insert silence, but insert what is in clipboard.

Apart from this Arranger track is swell to make completely new projects from existing - if so extensive it’s cumbersome to do manually.