Ripple in Montage - do you get wafers with it?

In the montage view I appreciate - single track or global ripple in edit mode. However, it only seems to ripple in range edit mode not clip edit mode. Or object mode if you come from the Samplitude universe. So I drag a range and cut and everything ripples up nicely, but if I delete a clip WL stubbornly refuses to ripple. Are the wafers hiding in plain sight or… maybe there are no wafers?

ta like.


The trick is to select the clip range (double click), before deleting. Then ripples applies.

Also, this post made me realize that it depends which Delete key you press, at least on Mac. Pressing the one that is right above the Return key doesn’t work. Pressing the little square one just below F13 does work.

Thanks Justin - on the PC it is the DEL key not Back Space.

And thanks Philippe. I pretty much began editing on Sadie. Which was always a clip or object editor and only added range editing much later on. While as far as I can see most other DAWs began as sequencers in which maybe clips came later and range editing was a more logical first development. But range editing is not really great for speech.

Sadie even as far back as 2.04 in 1994! had the most wonderful edit model which is just like editing 1/4" tape. You are listening to the audio and you find an ‘out’ point. You make a cut, (just like marking the tape with chinagraph and cutting it with a razor blade) and then you scrub the in point (ie the leading edge) of the second clip created by your cut until you find your in point. At which point your edit has been made. This is equivalent to pulling the tape from the left hand spool past the playhead (on a Studer A80 you could even lock the transport and just play out the ‘gash’ till you found your in point - mark it, cut it, join it, edit done. But of course in Sadie world the real glory was if the edit didn’t work you could just scrub the in and out points to fine tune it - that’s where range editors fall down. Your have to go through and undo process.
In those days Sadie couldn’t do that directly in your playlist you had to load the two clips into and ‘edit window’ but the scrubbing (with DSP assisted hardware and a captive scsi audio drive) was fantastic.
Sonic Solutions also had a great crossfade editor (even better than Sadie’s for classical music some would say) and Pyramix and Sequoia both have good implementations but bizarrely I still pine for that Sadie 2.04 experience. But that’s nostalgia for you. Thanks for all your work on WL Philippe you’re doing a great job. ABB