Risvegli (Awakenings)

Short piece composed with cubase 5 and halion symphonic orchestra. Must be over yet…
I hope you like it!



No one? :slight_smile:

Hey Galaxi,

It’s sunny, it’s sunday, it’s a peacefull morning, and then listening to your piece, really soothing.
I like the woven melodies (strings vs flute) and then the crescendo (1:10) that transposes to an unexpected progression.
Very cinematic, you must be a fan of John Williams & Hans Zimmer.

Too bad it enden so quickly :frowning:

I would like it to be bigger though, notch down some frequenties that make it harsch. Don’t be afraid to cut away a lot in the midrange, there is so much going on there.

Greetz Dylan.

Thanks Sir!! :slight_smile:

The song must to be completed yet… and mixed :slight_smile:

anyway I appreciate a lot your advices!

Thanks again

ciao from Italy!