RME and Cubase Pro 8 crash


I used to have a rock solid system then I purchased an used RME 9632 card (latest firmware and software) and since then if I try to change the VST connections from previous projects (M-Audio Delta) to accommodate the RME card Cubase crash.
Also crashes when I try to select the ASIO guard.
New projects works fine except for the ASIO guard selection that crash Cubase.
Any ideas?
Do you know what file is required to be removed from preferences that holds the sound card specs?

Win 7 64 SP1 Cubase PRO 8.0.5 64 RME 4.0.6

Ok it’s fixed.
The only thing I did was to open an empty project,configure the vst connections according RME,save the preset and then close Cubase.
Re open it,select previous project and load the RME preset.
Now everything is working as expected.

Good news, my RME HDSP 5296 has had zero issues so was concerned to hear some one else had. Best interfaces on the planet in my opinion.

jconstatine, would you care to share where you got the configuration for VST Connections using RME? I’m having issues with my RME UCX, and it’s driving me bonkers.

Vst connections in the menu or F4 ,after select the RME in ASIO menu.