RME ARC as generic remote controller for Control Room

I’d like to have a piece of hardware controller to control Cubase control room. Would the RME ARC be able to do this (be used as a generic midi device) in a simple manner?


As far as I know RME ARC doesn’t send any MIDI data out. Therefore it wouldn’t work with the MIDI Remote.

I actually got the buttons to work and toggle. The knob connects but it is not smooth. Acting like it is a button. But that might be the way it sends info. Was really hoping this would work as this would make a great control room remote.

Therefore it works?!

Have you done a Surface Editor remote for it? Have you tried toying with the data modes?

I did mess around with the modes a bit but couldn’t get it to work appropriately, that’s why I thought the info it was sending wasn’t a simple midi message.

What does the surface element say in learn mode when you use it? I think you are very close. If Cubase ignored the knob completely, that would be another discussion. But you have something coming in.

Can the knob also click?


Could you use any MIDI Monitor to test, what MIDI Messages does the device send out (if any)?

Will do so in a couple of days. If you know of another similar device that is a simple midi controller, please let me know.

“Elephant” software MIDI control using Microsoft Surface Dial.

I have a thread somewhere in here on that, pluses and minuses.

Thanks, I will check out the thread.

Here is what I get in MidiOx when I press a button:

Here is what I get when I move the dial (3 clicks to the right and then 3 clicks to the left):

There’s probably a reasonable explanation to why a right turn gives 41 and a left one 01, but I’m afraid it’s beyond my knowledge. I don’t think the Remote is going to work with these values though. You’d need to transform them somehow.

Thanks for the input. I will take the path of least resistance and find a different midi control device…or continue using the RME soundcard.

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Note-off is not working properly in midi-scripts. However this seems to use data values of 0 so you might get away. You will need some java script coding but it is not that complicated.

Don’t have the ARC, so have never tried any of this, but I have a FF800, and I don’t see anything in TotalMix that looks like it would help
Have you tried posting this over on the RME forum. People there will be more familiar with how the ARC works and you will very likely get a response from an RME employee: they participate a good bit.