RME Babayface drops out after a few minutes

This is super irritating and makes using 7 impossible.

I have tried turning off ASIO guard and the same happens.

Also occurs when latency is changed.

Any ideas?


The sound card also goes to full volume every time I open Cubase 7. i’m on the latest Mac OS and have updated drivers. I’m now using 7.1 although nothing has changed. 64 bit behave the same as 32.

Do you save your projects with the mixer/control room at 0 (unity)? if so, that’s exactly what should happen.

The soundcards mixer (total mix) shouldnt be influenced by the cubase master out level fader…they are totally different. This never happened in Cubase 6.5. I’m afraid it’s a minor problem compared to the drop out. Seems like the asio is just running out of sync or something.

Yeah, Cubase shouldn’t be touching totalmix

did you make a preset by accident in the total mixer?

try to make a new one otherwise

Any other rme users having problems?

I think that it’s a Rme problem. I have ucx and it’s impossible work on Osx 10.8.2.
But I just istalled on 10.6.8 and it’s a rock solid!!!
Have to wait a new diver from rme or it’s a cubase bug? :confused:

I’m using an RME AiO soundcard interface & windows 8. No problems here.