RME Babyface not working with Cubase 12 on mac

I have heard that changing buffer size to 256 on some kind of RME control panel will solve this issue. Unfortuately, on my mac, no such setting exists - nor does an RME cotrol panel. I have Total Mix and Settings. My mac is Intel and running os 12.1

Nowhere in cubase is there an option to see my babyface, therefore it cannot be selected. I also don’t find any “buffer size” setting in Cubase - although I have searched for quite a while.

Can anyone help me with this?
Thank You,
David Thayer

It’s Studio>Studio Setup

I suggest you use the RME forum as there is lots of information for setting up on a Mac which someone will point you to. I’m on a pc so can’t really help but I’ve seen lots of Mac questions asked and answered.