RME Babyface

can’t get any sound from audio tracks recorded with Babyface. waveform is present, you can hear audio with scrub tool, but cannot playback audio. Anyone have information or help? Also audio is audible from instrument track recorded with midi controller. Any information will be appreciated.
Using Cubase 7.


no such problem here with Babyface.

Sounds like an issue with your project or control room setup.

Regards, Mikael

I have been using my Maudio fasttrack pro with a previous version on Cubase and have recently upgraded to Cubase 7 Artist. I have been encountering extreme latency when recording midi with my Maudio Fastrack pro even after downloading the latest drivers. Can someone provide me with a known midi interface that they don’t have latency issues with? Anyone have any experience with the PreSonus Audiobox 22VSL USB 2.0??